Company established to provide efficient, expert and inexpensive solutions to business and individuals. It is the first specialized manufacture company of industrial stone in the Fujairah and also the first specialized company in heritage style all over the UAE.

Since 2012, Al Hamoudi has always been pursuing goals of quality and performance of its products, conceiving a range of items studied and realized on the basis of technology, research and innovation. And it has been successful in all its endeavors by bringing its own distinctive touch of quality elegance and durability as depicted by many of the marvelous and spectacular structures, landscape, design, manufacture, heritage & installation work.

Industrial Stone is a name well known right from the 18th Century in the world of Synthetic stone production. Apart from its artistic uses, they have also been utilized for civil engineering work and various other industrial purposes as well. using the latest technology in the industry, coupled with our highly professional and dedicated staff, we offer tailor-made Solutions for natural & artificial stone designing, manufacturing and installation.

Our Vision

Quality is Al Hamoudi’s most important product. Customer satisfaction is Al Hamoudi’s most important focus. We provide high quality materials in pristine condition using the expertise of eminent engineers and support team. Such a service comes at affordable rates not to mention the resilience of the materials and accessories we offer.

The service we provide includes large scale supplies, customized production that suits your needs, swift maintenance, installation and accessory supply. One of the most ideal creative company over the MENA region by creating the advanced technology and way to produce stones and related products, that fulfill the recent conditions & weather.

Our mission is to constantly strive to develop innovative products and services to ensure the customer can get exceptional quality for their investment, and to make Al Hamoudi Industrial Stone Manufacturing LLC the preferred choice for all existing and up-coming projects.